Xander Cage

This movie is hilarious as it is awesome. And Neymar Jr. are you kidding me… That was perfect. I believe this movie’s cast is the best I have seen so far. And the stunts…  Big ups to all the stunt doubles. Trust me, if you wanna watch something hilarious and action, you gotta watch this movie. It’s the BOMB💣.

After coming out of self imposed exile, TrippleX operative Xander Cage must racd against time to discover a worldwide intelligence weapon known as Pandora’s Box, a device that can control every military satellite in the world. Xander must bring himself to join forces to discover who may be good or bad. 


Fist Fight

Need a movie to push away the stress?… This is it… I mean It. The moment I saw Charlie Day and Ice Cube starring in this movie, I knew it would be the best comedy movies of the year. 

On the last day before summer vacation, a high school teacher tries his best to keep it together amid senior pranks, a dysfunctional administration and budget cuts that threaten his job. Things go from bad to really worse when he is challenged by the schools toughest and most feared teacher to a fist fight after he gets fired.